April 15th, 2014

Hi I literally just stumbled upon your blog under the sail by awolnation tag and your experience listening to it. I have found synaesthesia to be so interesting ever since I had to do a biology project on it. If you dont mind me asking, when did you find out you had it and what kinds do you have? And do you like having it or do you wish you didn't? What sorts of music pleases you and what sorts don't?
Asketh - Anonymous

Hi :) Thank you for taking interest, firstly. I really realized a few years ago that other people weren’t like me. Or most people, I should say. I remember it since I was young though. I can see my numbers with colors, as well as my letters of the alphabet with colors. I taste, feel, and see, and smell colors to music and sounds in general. Those are my most prominent synesthetic experiences, but I do have some other accute ones but tend to mention those most. Having it , many people don’t understand, is a gift and a curse. I am used to it all going on in front of me and in my head but sometimes it gives me headaches or just aweful experiences and deters me from certain things due to the feel, or smell, or taste, or color etc.  I’ve been “blinded” by color and sound sometimes. And have also not been able to go near people due to their color. Sometimes I will, like other people, listen to music for the lyrical content, but my prefered music is cello. I like the taste and the smooth colors. I hate trumpet, and a lot of heavy metal music as well as a lot of 80’s rock and roll due to the colors. Hopefully this answers your question, and if not, feel free to ask again :)

January 25th, 2013


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January 4th, 2013

We will never die alone. Juggalos will carry on. Swing our hatchets if we must, each an everyone of us!


We will never die alone. Juggalos will carry on. Swing our hatchets if we 
must, each an everyone of us!

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All was well.

All was well.

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November 1st, 2012


Insane Clown Posse 2012 Hallowicked Single “Amber Alert”

October 28th, 2012

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